Become an Associate

Who chooses Presentation association?

Christian women and men who choose Presentation association:

  • Wish to welcome mutual opportunities for friendship, hospitality and celebration.
  • Seek ways to serve in the world and are drawn to the Presentation spirituality, charism and mission.
  • Educate themselves about and advocate for social justice issues and strive to live radical hospitality.
  • Hunger for opportunities for contemplation, faith sharing and spiritual growth.

Why choose Presentation association?

  • To strengthen commitment to gospel values and deepen prayer life
  • To share more intensely in Presentation charism
  • To enjoy friendship, prayer, faith sharing, spiritual growth, service, hospitality and celebration
  • To surface collective wisdom in service of God and one another
  • To use personal gifts and talents to serve others
  • To further the mission and dream of Nano Nagle

How to become an associate of the Sisters of the Presentation

  • Contact the co-director of the Presentation Associate Partnership, talk with a Presentation associate or sister, or visit the website.
  • Complete an application for associate partnership.
  • Participate in an orientation process (approximately monthly for six months) and a half-day retreat.
  • Make a formal one-year commitment stating a desire and willingness to live out the mission and charism of the Sisters of the Presentation.
  • Participate in community gatherings, retreats, service opportunities and celebrations when possible.

Supported by the sisters and one another, Presentation associates make a commitment to embody radical hospitality and live out the spirit of presence, compassion for those in need and respect for all people and Earth.