Working for Social Justice

One tree can start a forest, One smile can begin a friendship, One hand can lift a soul, One word can frame the goal, One candle can wipe out darkness, One laugh can conquer gloom, One hope can raise our spirits, And…one choice can change your life. (Mac Anderson May 2014)

Presentation Sisters seek justice for all and have been welcoming to new people, new lands, new cultures and new experiences since our founding in Ireland over 200 years ago. We gather the unattended in places far and near. We have a lasting legacy – to be hospitable – thus we view our world and our work for justice though the lens of hospitality.

Our Vision: A world in which the oneness and sacredness of all life is honored. (IPA, 2017)

Our Mission: To speak and act in partnership with others for global justice from a contemplative stance in a spirit of oneness with the whole of creation. (IPA, 2017)

As Presentation Sisters, we work collaboratively with the International Presentation Association (IPA) to support justice issues worldwide. We develop strategies to integrate and actively promote the IPA’s vision and directions for mission into the life and mission of our Dubuque Presentation congregation. 

Currently, the IPA’s United Nations Advocacy focus is the elimination of violence against women and children. To face this task, the Justice Promoters have developed a strategic action plan for the next two years that will address this emphasis of eliminating violence against women and children.

Gender-based Violence

Take a look at what we as individuals and as a society can do to address the problem.

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Take Action

Even during a pandemic, there are many ways you can help end violence against women.

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