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Do you hear the voice of God in your life, but are not sure where it is calling you? Do you long to live a life of prayer and service? Are you searching for a community where you can become fully yourself?

Today we draw inspiration from our foundress Nano Nagle’s mission of working with those made poor, ensuring that her vision of hospitality, compassion, love and hope continue to transform the world. Each day, Presentation Sisters rediscover, through prayer, community and service who we are called to be, by doing what we can, with what we have, where we are!


Prayer resides at the heart of Presentation mission. Prayer grows out of spirituality, giving meaning, purpose and direction to our lifestyle. Within the fullness of our days, personal and communal prayer keeps us rooted in who God is calling us to be.


Presentation sisters live throughout the United States and beyond. We connect on a daily basis through prayer, various forms of communication, service to the people of God and community living. Through our interaction, we hold one another accountable for our daily living of our vows, our commitment to mission and our community decisions.

Nano Nagle’s zeal and spirit has spread internationally to women numbering over 2,000 from 25 countries who are connected through the International Presentation Association (IPA) … Where one is they are all!


Today, we find our ministries of serving those most in need through our charism of hospitality in nine states, the District of Columbia and Bolivia. Our ministries include working in parish ministry, social services, affordable housing, advocacy, immigration services, spirituality, education, healthcare and counseling. As Presentation Sisters, we recognize and call forth the gifts of many people to ensure that the light of Nano’s hospitality, compassion and hope continues to shine among all.

We hope these pages will be helpful as you continue your vocation discernment journey. Sister Jessi Beck is happy to talk with you at any point along the way. Contact Sr. Jessi

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