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Our way of life is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and inspired by the life of our foundress, Nano Nagle. We share in her vision that dared to dream of a better world. Today, we follow in Nano’s footsteps of welcoming the outcast and confronting unjust structures, weaving the example of her life with our lives. 

We embrace this apostolic vision by living in community, by vowing to live simply, celibately and with shared responsibility. This vision depends upon a deep prayer life, which grounds us and nurtures us for service. Each day, we rediscover who we are called to be by doing what we can, with what we have, where we are. Over time, hundreds of women, motivated by Nano’s faith and love, chose to serve the mission of Jesus by becoming a Dubuque Presentation Sister.  

As Sisters of the Presentation, we courageously carry the flame of Nano’s lantern forward as we live our charism of radical hospitality in kinship with Earth and all people. Hospitality begins within each of us and calls us to the margins. From her deathbed, Nano urged us to “Love one another as you have always done.” Thus, we view our world and our work for justice through the lens of hospitality. We welcome new people, new lands, new cultures and new experiences, with unwavering determination to transform unjust systems and empower those most in need. It was our foundress’ dying wish. It is who we are as Sisters of the Presentation.

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From our Irish roots to our foundation in Dubuque, Iowa and beyond, we have a long history of apostolic service.

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