Frequently Asked Questions

Association is open to women and men who feel called to a deeper spiritual life and a desire to serve others. Living within their vocation and faith tradition, each person needs to be willing to share in the prayer and mission of the Sisters of the Presentation.

Associates are called to live a Christian lifestyle as the charism of Nano Nagle becomes a significant part of the associates' life. They are responsible for maintaining an on-going relationship with the Presentation community by participating, when possible, in gatherings, retreats or days of prayer. Associates and vowed members work together in furthering the mission of Jesus.

Our congregation identifies its charism (spiritual gift) as radical hospitality. As Presentation people, we identify with Nano Nagle and her mission of teaching and offering healing and hospitality to the world. We encourage sisters and associates to use their diverse and unique talents to incarnate the hospitality of God, confront injustice, steward Earth's resources and engender peace.

While the majority of Presentation associates live in the surrounding Dubuque area, there are associates in other parts of Iowa and throughout the United States. Long distance relationships are nurtured through mail, email, social media, video conferencing and telephone. Because of our strong belief in the importance of community, we ask that associates network closely with sisters and other associates in order to offer each other support and prayer.


Associates are women and men who formally associate themselves with a religious community, its mission and spirituality. Presentation associates embrace the Presentation vision and mission of hospitality, prayer and service. These women and men share in the life and ministry of the Presentation sisters without seeking vowed membership. Sisters take vows of poverty, celibacy, and obedience, live in community, sharing all finances, and share responsibility for the welfare of the members of their religious community.

Sisters and associates nurture and support one another spiritually and intellectually in order to better live the charism of radical hospitality in their own lives and ministries.

No, the North American Conference of Associates and Religious reports that there are over 55,000 associates of religious congregations and orders in North America.

No, associates do not have any financial or legal obligations. Associates live independently and are asked to only share their time and talent. Many associates do, however, monetarily support efforts to further the Presentation mission.

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