Associate Reflections

Associate Reflections

Bernie Graves

The Presentation Sisters have been a beacon of light for over 200 years. Being a Presentation associate gives me a way to live out the Vatican II call for the laity to be light to the world. The sisters' legendary hospitality inspires me to reach out to those around me who are under loved. My prayer life has been enriched by the beautiful liturgies in the chapel and the spirit-filled community gatherings. My heart has been broken open by service projects in inner city Detroit, Chicago and Kansas City. My association with the Presentation Sisters keeps me focused towards "one pace beyond."

Billie Greenwood

Being a Presentation associate makes my world bigger and helps me to live a more thoughtful lifestyle. As a person who tries to live simply, I value the support I feel from the Presentation community. The sisters' detachment from the "wants" that our society calls "needs" sets a great example that encourages me to forego extras and redirect my resources to help others instead. The congregation's focus on living green, consuming less, and walking gently on the earth keeps me conscious of how the decisions I make affect the environment and helps me to make choices that will create a better future for us all. I especially appreciate the connection that being a Presentation associate gives me to a world-wide grass roots network. The sisters work globally, and the stream of information that they share provides insight into events happening around the world that I don't hear in the mainstream media news.

Dora Serna

Being a newcomer in America is not easy especially if you don't have the language. My life was very difficult until I had the opportunity to receive tutoring in English as a Second Language (ESL) at the newly opened Presentation Lantern Center. From there, many friendships were born. I was inspired by the work that Sister Corine Murray was doing there and decided to help as much as possible. Through Sister Corine and other Presentation Sisters, I learned about Nano Nagle and all she did and was offered a new opportunity: to become a Presentation associate. In going through the Associate Orientation Process, the new friendships and inspirational stories have fired even further my desire to serve the community in as many ways as possible and follow in Nano's steps to serve God.

Kim Schmidt

I am a wife, mother, a daughter and a sister, but most importantly I am a child of God. Being ‘called’ by God to be an associate excites me. I yearn to serve, to love and to bring joy to those who God places in my path. Being radical as Nano was, is a challenge for me, but a challenge I am willing to take. As Nano was, I hope to be guided by the Holy Spirit and be bold enough to follow my heart with a smile and compassion.