Dubuque Presentation Associate Scholarship

Dubuque Presentation Associate Scholarship

In the spirit of Presentation foundress, Nano Nagle, the Dubuque Presentation associates are offering a Dubuque Presentation Associate Scholarship to assist individuals to pursue their goals. In partnership with the Dubuque Sisters of the Presentation, associates strive to live out the congregation’s mission of offering radical hospitality in the world.

In 2023, three $1,000 Dubuque Presentation Associate Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who have or are currently receiving services from one of the following organizations: La Luz Hispana, Presentation Lantern Center, Hispanic Outreach Ministry of Evangelization (HOME) or Hotel Hope.

The Dubuque Presentation Associate Scholarship will be awarded to financially assist an individual to further his/her education, receive job training or to help with immigration/citizenship expenses. The scholarship award is intended for such expenses as tuition, books and supplies, tools or uniforms for work, transportation, legal and filing fees for immigration or citizenship or other needs associated with the above mentioned pursuits.

The Dubuque Presentation Associate Scholarship is awarded to an individual who meets the following criteria:

  • Is seeking to further his/her education, receive job training, or pursuing citizenship or other immigration related status
  • Needs financial assistance
  • Satisfactorily completes the application and provides a letter of support

Please complete the application form, along with a letter of support from someone associated with one of the organizations mentioned above by April 1 of the current year. Announcement is made at the end of April. (The application may be handwritten or typed.)