2022 Scholarship & Award Recipients

As we commemorate the anniversary of Nano Nagle’s death, we offer congratulations to the recipients of the following scholarships:

Nano Nagle College Scholarship

Anya Westhoff
Beckman Catholic High School
Dyersville, IA

The $1,500 Nano Nagle Scholarship is a scholarship that travels among the high schools where our sisters taught. Since 2010 scholarship recipients have represented the following Iowa schools: Wahlert High School (Dubuque); Bishop Garrigan High School (Algona); Newman High School (Mason City); St. Mary High School (Storm Lake); St. Edmond High School (Fort Dodge); Beckman High School (Dyersville); and Columbus High School (Waterloo).

Mother Vincent Hennessy Foundation Scholarship

Caroline Schmid
Wahlert Catholic High School
Dubuque, IA

The $1,500 Mother Vincent Hennessy Foundation Scholarship is a scholarship awarded annually to a student from Wahlert Catholic High School, which Presentation Sisters have actively supported since its inception.

Dubuque Presentation Associate Scholarship

Elbia Martinez – $1,000
La Luz Centro Cultural

Omar Montiel Barrientos – $1,000
Presentation Lantern Center

Isaac Nava – $1,000

Gul Naz – $800
Presentation Lantern Center

The Dubuque Presentation Associate Scholarship(s) are awarded to financially assist an individual to further his/her education, receive job training or to help with immigration/citizenship expenses. The scholarship award is intended for such expenses as tuition, books and supplies, tools or uniforms for work, transportation, legal and filing fees for immigration or citizenship or other needs associated with the above mentioned pursuits. These scholarships are made possible due to the generous donations of Presentation associates.