In Memory of Claudette Hill

March 18, 1940 – April 17, 2022

Claudette Hill became a Presentation associate on August 2, 2010, after connecting with Sister Marilou Irons in the Cedar Falls area. In her associate application, Claudette wrote, “I have always admired the spiritual gift and beliefs of all sisters of God. I would like to be around people of true faith and gentleness.”

Claudette was born in Worthington, Minnesota, and moved to Waterloo, Iowa, when she was young. She graduated valedictorian from Our Lady of Victory Academy (OLVA) High School in Waterloo, and moved to Cedar Falls with her husband, John, in 1960, where she resided until her passing. Claudette obtained her college education from Indiana University, worked tirelessly at the John Deere Credit Union, raised a family and devoted herself to her church. She was a true example of a woman who could do it all – raising her children and never missing a moment while also giving her all as an executive leader. She was the embodiment of hard work, full of faith and never knew a stranger.

Claudette was a woman of God, adored her large family, would do anything to help others and enjoyed a fantastic life full of love and laughter. She was a woman who never gave up and always pushed the envelope, breaking boundaries in the workplace while satisfying the needs of her family, friends and community. She was loved, feared, and, most of all, respected by all who knew and loved her. Claudette will be deeply missed.