In Memory of Associate Margaret Barton

August 8, 1938 – May 4, 2024

Associate Margaret M. Barton passed away on Saturday, May 4, 2024, at the Stonehill Nursing Home with family by her side. She was born on August 8, 1938, in Dubuque, the daughter of John and Margaret Hoyne. She married “the love of her life” Ron Barton; and they enjoyed 23 years together before his death in 1987. They had two children, Elizabeth and Paul, and six grandchildren.

Marge lived her life according to three core values: faith, family and friends. She was an active member of Resurrection Church for over 50 years and felt honored to serve as a Eucharistic minister to those who were homebound. Marge graduated from The Academy of the Visitation and throughout her lifetime, cherished her monthly lunches with the “Visitation girls.” Catholic education remained an important priority to her; and her children attended Resurrection Catholic School – where she met the Presentation Sisters – and Wahlert High School. Marge particularly remembers Sisters Basil, Elizabeth and Mary Lou.

Marge embodied a deep devotion to her faith, her family and her friends. She became a Presentation associate in November of 2003. During her orientation, she learned much about Nano Nagle and the Presentation heritage, mission, prayer and community life. She was especially fond of Sisters Ruth Marie, Margaret Anne and Rosalyn and appreciated their guidance. A person of prayer, Marge made her ministry one of praying the rosary and was prayer partners with Sisters Carmelle and Annette. She also helped at the Food Pantry, Lantern Center Christmas gifts and serving meals at the shelter.

Full of life to the end, she loved spending time with family and attending her grandchildren’s events. She thoroughly enjoyed Irish music, adventure and travel.

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