In Memory of Associate Dennis Ryan

April 25, 1939 – February 14, 2024

Associate Dennis P. Ryan of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, died at age 85 on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, lovingly surrounded by his wife Rita of 63 years and his four children, their spouses, his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He previously resided in Dubuque for 35 years and first knew the Presentation community through Sister Carla Popes.

A friend said she knew Dennis through work. She said he was such a lovely man –smart, kind, and gracious, with a delightful smile, and she was lucky to have met him. As Presentation People, we were blessed to have him as an associate for 24 years since he professed his commitment June 16, 2000, the first year of the Associate Partnership.

Dennis stated that he was challenged by the vision “Not to rest in firelight certainties, but to move one pace beyond,” and wanted to be part of the “GO OUT” action to help those in need. He found the prayer and sharing enriching and he strove to live with Christ-like values and Nano-like fervor.

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