Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

After working well past the average retirement age, often into their 80s, there comes a special time of growth for Presentation Sisters, offering more leisure for communion with God. During this time, a sister finds new joy in prayer and community service, continuing to make life meaningful for herself and inspirational for others. Many sisters are involved in advocacy for social justice issues through letter writing, service projects and volunteering on various committees. Others tutor individuals in English, teach piano lessons, provide transportation for appointments, utilize their skills within the administrative offices and the list goes on.

Marie Barth

Sister Marie Barth loves the arts! Her specialty is teaching spirituality through art. She’s a musician, an accomplished artist and an art teacher. Her power of concentration enables her to imagine, envision and create, even as she makes her way through the day. She is trying to be a creative resource in sharing from various ministry experiences, past and present.

Emilie Bormann

A former prison ministry chaplain, Sister Emilie Bormann currently ministers in community prayer and service at Mount Loretto. Sister Emilie also spends much of her time beautifying the Mount Loretto grounds, keeping the property weed free and tending to the flowers. She enjoys crocheting colorful afghans.

Therese Corkery

After much discernment, Sister Therese Corkery decided to retire from her work as a caregiver in ministry to the dying in Texas. Living out her life’s passion of ministry to those in need, Sister Therese returned to her first mission to Bolivia where she served among the people of O’Connor Province in the department of Tarija, Bolivia. She visited the patients at the hospital and prayed with them; coordinates the baptism team, the marriage team and the team for formation of adults who desire to receive the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and/or Eucharist. After over seven years of responding to the needs of the mission just as she had years previously, Sister Therese has officially retired.

Kay Cota

Energetic and fast-paced Sister Kay Cota is often seen with a camera in hand, making her way to capture an outdoor scene. She thoroughly enjoys her photography hobby, offering prints and greeting cards of local color for sale in the Mount Loretto gift shop.

Linus Coyle

A joyful and thankful heart brings Sister Linus Coyle’s concern for others in their particular ministry to daily hours of prayer.

Donna Demmer

After teaching for 48 years, Sister Donna Demmer will use her educational background now by ministering through substitute teaching and volunteering.

Donna Determan

If there is a sign-up sheet to attend some function, Sister Donna Determan’s name will be on it. Sister Donna is a faithful supporter of local events and activities. Her generosity also took her to Resurrection School where she helped with the religious education program during the school year and in the summer session. She would like to attend more high school basketball games.

Rayanne Determan

Sister Rayanne Determan volunteers in her hometown of Mason City, Iowa. Sister is a regular hospital visitor as well as a caller at the nursing homes. Thursday is a special day when multiple navigators are needed to gather the nursing home patients in their wheelchairs to join in the sing-along. Attendance at wakes and funerals rounds out Sister Rayanne’s ministry.

Mary Louann Doering

Sister Mary Louann Doering enjoys reading, playing board games, prayer time in Chapel, volunteering in tasks available, and using e-mail to stay connected with family and friends.

Martha Donnelly

For several years, Sister Martha Donnelly ministered as chaplain at Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She is currently transitioning between ministries. However, wherever you may find Sister Martha, she is bound to be sharing her Irish charm with everyone she meets.

Sheila Ann Dougherty

Sister Sheila Ann Dougherty makes music wherever she goes, volunteering to play for Mount Loretto liturgies. She also participates in a number of discussion groups in community and volunteers as a driver.

James Marie Gross

Never idle, Sister James Marie Gross has pursued multiple ministries. She has coordinated the sorting, packing, and mailing of donations to the missions, served as a math tutor, an ESL tutor at the Lantern Center and receptionist at Mount Loretto switchboard.

Karen Jasper

Now retired from many years in education, Sister Karen Jasper serves the community by her daily prayers and service.

Beth Kress

Sister Beth Kress is caregiver for her sister. She ministers in communications for Hotel Hope of New Orleans and also offers her expertise and skills as a proofreader and writer for Presentation Doorways. Sister Beth is a member of the Communicators for Women Religious and Sisters United News of the Upper Mississippi Valley. A talented violinist she plays violin and viola as a longtime a member of the Dubuque Community String Orchestra and collaborates with other liturgical musicians on special occasions.

René Laubenthal

When walking down the front hall, you may see Sister Rene Laubenthal working on a jigsaw puzzle. She also enjoys reading, playing cards, visiting and decorating. Love of teaching and compassion for immigrants prompted her to tutor, both at the Presentation Lantern Center and at Mount Loretto with the two Vietnamese sisters living here. An important time of her day is spent with quiet time for prayer and reflection. Sister Rene is known for her warm greetings and smile for the sisters, employees and guests, and is always ready to give a gracious, helpful hand.

Lois Lehmann

Friendly and outgoing, Sister Lois Lehmann offers a spirit of hospitality. She is available for playing a variety of games and enjoys getting others involved in relaxation and a good time.

St. James Lickteig

Sister St. James Lickteig shares her gifts through community prayer and service. Creative and enterprising in her genealogy study, she delights the sisters and her family with interesting historical information. Sister St. James enjoys computers, art and all manners of creating something new.

Jeanette McCarthy

Sister Jeanette McCarthy, self-taught and fluent in Spanish, served over 13 years as minister to the Hispanic population in the Dubuque, Iowa, area. Now retired, she enjoys visiting with family and friends. She especially appreciates quiet time for relaxation, prayer and reflection.

Maura McCarthy

Sister Maura McCarthy served as associate director of La Luz Hispana, a hospitality and outreach center for the Hispanics of North Central Iowa. She began this ministry after 23 years of accompaniment and promotion of the Guarani Indians of Southern Bolivia and acting as short-term representative at the Presentation UN Office at the United Nations in New York. Her missionary heart and hearty laughter followed her in this mission and has stuck with her as she transitioned to Mount Loretto.

Anne McCormick

Do you need a ride to an appointment? Sister Anne McCormick, with Irish eyes smiling, coordinates the driving schedule of rides for the senior sisters. She serves in liturgical ministries and is a companion to the senior sisters to their doctor’s appointments. That is her favorite ministry. She also helps with receptionist duties, accepts and displays clothes in the May-Take Room, assists as Eucharistic Minister, lector and prayer leader.

Dolores Moes

“On-the-go” describes Sister Dolores Moes as she organizes and participates in a variety of service offerings, peace and justice projects, prayer, sacristan, and her work with Right to Life. Sister Dolores keeps the house channel enriched with evening movies, and a special movie each week on the large screen for all sisters, especially those with eye problems, and performs other services throughout the motherhouse. Sister also enjoys helping to give out food to the needy at the food banks.

Corine Murray

Sister Corine Murray currently ministers in community prayer and service at the motherhouse. She is the former executive director of the Presentation Lantern Center, a place of diversity, hospitality, educational opportunities and advocacy for women and children. She continues to seek ways to welcome immigrants and assist them with their needs. As a poet she often writes about the foundress, Nano Nagle.

Damian O’Brien

Following a lifetime of varied ministries and leadership positions, Sister Damian O’Brien continues to spread her charm and good will with her friendship, assisting with local and long distance driving and serving as organist for daily liturgies.

Deborah Paige

A former high school teacher, Sister Deborah Paige currently ministers in community prayer and service at Mount Loretto. She also tends a large vegetable garden that helps support the kitchen. She assisted as secretary for the Dubuque Food Pantry and bakes fine pastries for the fall craft sale and spring garage sale. Right to Life is very important to her and she spent many hours picketing. Power of Prayer on Saturday nights is most important to her as well.

Francine Quillin

After many years of service, Sister Francine Quillin now enjoys a slower pace enjoying time for relaxation, prayer and reflection at Mount Loretto. Past ministries have included serving in many leadership roles and volunteering in various capacities at Resurrection Parish in Dubuque, Iowa. She was the spiritual guide for a local Theresian group. A canon lawyer, Sister Francine volunteered services for the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Dubuque Archdiocese, helped persons prepare petitions for a Decree of Invalidity for their marriage, served as an advocate for persons in need of canonical assistance, and offered other canonical services for religious communities and individuals.

Irma Ries

In the past Sister Irma Ries has been especially energized by her work with immigrants, migrants, homeless and near homeless. In retirement, as environmental educator, her energy have pivoted to earth care issues.

Annette Skyles

Sister Annette Skyles offers a variety of assistance at Mount Loretto as part of her community prayer and service. Keeping all on their toes in entertainment with jokes and her wind-up toys in the gift shop is a self-selected service she offers.

Marian Sweeney

Sister Marian Sweeney currently ministers in community prayer and service. A lifelong learner, She continues to enjoy reading, research and decorating, with a special interest in art.

Rosalyn Ulfers

A former primary teacher, Sister Rosalyn Ulfers responded to her call to minister to the hospitalized. After serving as chaplain at Mercy Hospital in Dubuque, Iowa for 17 years, Sister Rosalyn shared her sparkle at the Mount St. Francis Center in ministry in Dubuque, Iowa. In her free time, Sister Rosalyn enjoys reading, walking and listening to music in her retirement.

Leanne Welch

Sister Leanne has served as a teacher, principal, curriculum director and superintendent of Catholic schools and completed two terms on the congregational leadership team. She also was an adjunct instructor at Clarke and Loras Colleges. With a fabulous background of knowledge through academic degrees and wide educational experiences, Sister Leanne can fit into any learning situation. Even beyond education, there isn’t much this life-long learner can’t do. Gifted in many areas, she, likewise, shares herself in her concern for the poor. Currently her services are appreciated by the Dubuque Food Pantry as well as the Dubuque Public library for which she delivers books to the homebound. Her humor is enjoyed on the home front.

Carmelle Westemeier

Sister Carmelle Westemeier, a minister in community prayer and service, enjoys visiting and playing cards or Scrabble with family, community members and friends. Sister Carmelle regularly offers a “bright spot” for any day.

Dolores Zieser

Sister Dolores Zieser ministers in community prayer and service. An artist and a busy retiree, Sister Dolores assists with the driving schedule, makes hand-woven baskets, teaches basket weaving, and enjoys a variety of art and craft projects.

Josita Zieser

Sister Josita Zieser, ministers in community prayer and service and has coordinated the preparation and mailing of greeting cards sent from the Mount Loretto sisters to relatives and friends. Like many other sisters, Sister Josita serves in a variety of liturgical ministries. She is a trained artist with a number of commended works.